Guys who Steal other Guys Women

They are out there and they have no problem pulling the rug out from under you. Guys who steal other guy’s women are like sharks, quietly slithering and sniffing around females that have boyfriends or even husbands. They may actually be looking for a companion, however most are in it for an easy bang before moving on to the next one. Are you one of these guys?

The Game of Sex

Guys who steal other guy’s women approach such an attempt as if it were a game. When a woman is attached the chances of her wanting another attachment right away are slim but the chances of her stepping out for a little strange cock is a possibility. For the men looking for these women the prize of the game is the perfect scenario. Find a woman who, for whatever reason, just wants to have sex outside of their relationship and it can basically become the next best thing to paying a hooker. No attachment, no expectations (except banging her better than her man) and no endless dinners, movies, clubs, bars or even, in some cases, obligatory, boring conversation. It all revolves around the game of sex.

What Kind of Woman Steps Out?

Can you tell if your woman has the propensity of stepping out? This is tricky. On one hand, the obvious is the obvious. If you have chosen a woman who likes to flaunt her tits, ass and smile to anyone and everyone the chances of those sharks honing in on her are tenfold. The thing is, will she shake her parts in front of their face like a carrot on a stick and pull it away just to get a daily charge? Maybe. However, what if you have a big fight, or are just going through a rough patch, will this be the excuse she needs to give them that carrot to fill the void in her relationship? Maybe. On the other hand, she could be the most conservative, religious, unassuming wallflower that you have never been able to get to let her hair down. A shark comes along that offers her the chance to anonymously release her ‘inner slut’ and ends up rocking her world.

You Can Control Guys Who Steal Other Guy’s Women

Once you take your woman for granted the chances of her spreading her legs for the FedEx guy can skyrocket. Anyone that comes along and gives her the attention she craves will, in many cases, get the green light. You can stop this from happening. Simply do not take her for granted. Work hard on letting her know, everyday, how special she is to you. Build up her self confidence and self worth and she will stay by your side.

Sure, there is always a chance for guys who steal other guy’s women to swoop down and snatch yours but if you keep an eye on how you treat her, communicate with her and satisfy her there should be no reason to step out.


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