Natural Cold Remedies: Learn to Fight Back

Getting a cold can stop you in your tracks. When you are not firing on all cylinders it affects your job, relationship and overall quality of life. Do not let a common cold paralyze you and, in some cases, snowball into other more serious ailments. Try some of these natural cold remedies before you reach for a synthetic, band-aid approach that just may make your symptoms last that much longer.


According to the National Center for Health Statistics (NCHS) approximately 62 million cases of the common cold are reported each year (this number is probably much higher due to that fact that most people do not report their cold symptoms). Adults contract one to three colds per year (children can have two to six) and as a result, 22 million work days are lost annually.


Before you even reach for natural cold remedies it is important to practice some preventative measures. Here is a list of some simple things you can do to stop a common cold dead in its tracks.

• Do Not Touch Anything – Many people blindly touch public handrails, doorknobs, and buttons as well as shake hands, easily transporting cold germs. Avoid unnecessary touching. In a public bathroom, flush with your foot or fist and use a paper hand towel to turn the doorknob to exit. Push elevator buttons with your knuckle and never touch anything in a hospital or doctor’s office.
• Take Supplements – Keep your immune system stoked by supplementing your body with anti-oxidants such as Co-enzyme Q10, Vitamin C, Selenium, Alpha Lipoic Acid and  Vitamin E.
• Eat for Immune Strength – In addition to supplements, eating less refined, processed foods and replacing with live, ant-oxidant rich choices can keep colds at bay. Things like blueberries, legumes, broccoli, apples and more are chock full of germ fighting properties.

Some Remedies

If you contract a cold immediately start one of these natural treatments to stop it.

Cold and Flu Formula by Quantum – This remedy is a tincture (liquid) taken under the tongue or in water 5x per day and, if caught early, can stop a cold within two days.

Zinc Lozenges – Suck on four or five of these throughout the day to boost your healing. Do not ever chew or take on an empty stomach.

Elderberry – This flower generates a powerful remedy that actually protects cells from interlopers. Spray it in the back of your throat or use an eyedropper full under your tongue a few times per day.

Oreganol – Best in a tincture, this brand is organic oregano oil that acts like natural penicillin. It is very spicy so under the tongue is, although more potent, difficult for some. An eyedropper full in a little water 2x per day works as well.

Olive Leaf extract – Considered an anti-viral, this extract is a great acute or preventative remedy.

These natural cold remedies can work wonders allowing the body to embrace holistic healing powers that could otherwise be challenged by synthetic choices.


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