A Guide To Summer Mixtapes

What’s the best way to craft a great mix CD for the summer months? Well, I’ve got just a few suggestions that should make for a pleasing bunch of tunes to get jamming for the bonfire ans beach parties that you’ll encounter this summer with this guide so summer mixtapes.

Best Coast: Here’s a good starter for the tape, which will probably actually be a playlist in iTunes. This trio from the sunny state of California puts out modern beach sounding surf pop. Their second album recently dropped and is produced by soundtrack master Jon Brion of Eternal Sunshine fame. Put a couple of these on there and you’ll be cruisin’.

Wavves: Here’s a similar act that is fronted by the boyfriend of Bethany from Best Coast, Nathan. These distorted noise pop jems are all catchy and perfect for the beach. I recommend Green Eyes or King of the Beach.

The Beach Boys: How can you argue with this one? It’s classic! The beach surf sound was invented by these guys. Give a little Brian Wilson action to the tape and you’ll be in sand heaven.

Washed Out: The solo master of Chillwave makes gorgeous tunes. His song Feel it All Around is the warm theme from Portlandia. Definitely worth spitting into the rotation.

The Red Hot Chili Peppers: Another given. Californication is a summer jam for any year. The sound is excellent and funky. It’s also really easy to dance to. Just pick a couple of your favorites and throw them into the already jammy mix you’re working up.

Will Smith: It’s the Millenium of Will. Some choose to call it the Willenium. I agree. Toss Miami in there and you’ll be dancing in the heat and sand.

LFO: But which song will you choose? There is only. Summer girls. This song is for all of us who loved the 90’s as well as Ambercrombie and Fitch. Also, Chinese food makes them sick. Need I say more?

You’ve got a tasty mix going on now with this guide to summer mixtapes. Add some of your own flavor to it for extra fun. It will get you laid.


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