5 Tips for Throwing a Party

What does it take to throw a good party?  Well, simply, a lot. You need to get a few quick pointers down before you go throwing a party.  Make sure you hook it up correctly with our 5 tips for throwing a party.

1) Good Tunes: Make up a sick mix CD with some awesome party tunes.  Don’t put anything cliche, unless you do it ironically.  Maybe you want to do Carly Ray Jephson on there, as a drunk joke, but also get some jams on there.  Classics are good, but nothing too heavy, or too weird.  Maybe some good rap, or some cool dubstep, but nothing fratty and nothing annoying.  Also, put Flying Lotus on there.

2) Good Food: Make up something that works well for a party.  Cook up a bunch of steak or burgers or Thai food or something.  That shit is straight crazy good.  Be the cook, but don’t spend all your time cooking.  Be a good host, but don’t spend all your time hamming it up.

3) Good Friends: Invite some friends to hang out, but make sure it’s a small and good group.  This isn’t a straight rage banger, this is more like a chilled out party for adults and friends.  Get a group of ten to twenty people together and make it a good mix of different kinds of people.  Seat guests boy girl, boy girl so it gets mixed up.  Some of these tips are straight from the mouth of Glenn O Brien, the dinner party God, so you better listen up.  Make sure it’s mixed up and doesn’t get too clicky.  It’s crucial that you set the balance well for your party.  Seriously, it does matter.

4) Good Booze: Get some red wine, a white wine, a case of beer, and a bottle of whisky and vodka.  It’s really important that you have a good mix of stuff, but not too much stuff that people get picky.  You’ll be in good shape if you stick to these little pointers with booze.  It’s not hard to booze up a party correctly, but don’t do anything too cheap.

5) Good Vibes: Light a couple candles, but not too many.  Keep the balance of the room good.  Make sure the music isn’t too loud.  Make sure your place doesn’t smell weird.  Make sure it doesn’t get claustrophobic.  Vibes are crucial, but usually unmeasured.

So there it goes dude!  Throw yourself a sweet party and win friends and influence people.  That’s the most important five tips for throwing a party.

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