Boxers or Briefs: The Age Old Debate

Let’s do it!  The argument that men have been having since the dawn of, well, underwear?  Since the fig leaf/au naturale debate, people have been arguing over the most practical and comfortable underwear to sport.  Maybe it depends on the context?  We’ll see.  Let’s get it revving in the boxers or briefs age old debate.  To begin:

Briefs: Okay, they’re tight and form fitting.  Boxers are too loose and get too sweaty.  Briefs are small and women think they’re sexier, provided you’re in decent shape.  The “tighty whities” have been perfected by dudes like Tom Cruise in Risky Business, and, sort of, by Brian Cranston in the opening sequence of the pilot for Breaking Bad.  They don’t get too swampy, they look pretty cool, and they’re classics.  Have you seen David Beckam?  Damn, that dude has it hooked up.

Boxers:  C’mon, who doesn’t have a pair of boxers with a bunch of hearts on them?  Boxers are airy and feel super comfortable.  They feel good under a pair of jeans, and they look good when you’re taking your jeans off at your woman’s house.  Briefs make you look like an idiot, and we have countless examples of tighty whities looking stupid as all hell.  Boxers are cool, everyone knows that.  Don’t let them get ratty, make sure they’re always clean, and make sure they don’t get all bent out of shape from washing them too much.  Boxers are what all men want to wear.

So we’ve got the arguments, both are relatively valid, and it seems easy enough to pick one or the other.  But…what have we here?  An underdog?  The best of both worlds needs to make its case before we make a decision.

The Boxer Brief: Uh, oh.  The game changer.  Boxer briefs combine the cool style and look of boxers, with all the breath-ability and comfortable support of boxers.  Seriously, the only way to go.  They fit well and don’t get all bunched up, but they don’t make your thighs all sweaty like briefs.  You won’t chafe, and you won’t regret wearing them.

So where do we stand?  Obviously we’ve got to go with the boxer brief.  They’re the best of both worlds (to quote Hannah Montana) and they don’t cause you problems.  Go out and get some Fruit of the Looms and you’ll be in underwear heaven.

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