A Man’s Guide To Shaving

Perhaps this isn’t necessary, but it seems like more and more I see young men who simply have no idea how to shave.  It’s absurd, I can’t even wrap my head around it.  But, in the case of these misguided youth, I think it’s worth it to hash out a little advise about how you should go about shaving.  It’s a little funny, but very important.

We need to break this down into a few separate categories, by which I mean the method that you use to shave.  There are essentially four.

Multiblade Razor: Okay this is probably the most common, but personally my least favorite.  This is where you use soap or shaving cream with a razor that has a million blades.  They’re kind of expensive and generally cause razor burn on my, and many people’s, necks.  It’s the pits.  It does work really quickly and makes for a really close shave.  Just don’t go against the grain because it will probably cause razor bumps.  Make sure you put a lot of hot water on your face before you go for it.

Electric Razor: This one isn’t terrible. You could probably use some electric razor primer so you don’t have a really dry face afterwards.  It’s not a close shave, but it definitely gets the job done!

Straight Razor: This shit is pretty gutsy.  I recommend you hit the barber shop if you’re going to try this one on for size.  It’s scary and often causes some nicks and cuts, but it makes you feel like an old time dude.  Maybe it will encourage you to grow a strange waxy mustache.  I don’t know, maybe go for some bare knuckle boxing?  It’s kind of cool anyway.

Single Blade Razor:  Boom!  We’ve got a clear winner here.  My favorite way to shave is awesome.  It’s Don Draper’s method of choice, and probably the way your father shaved.  It’s a metal single blade razor, it’s heavy and the blades are literally a nickel a piece.  Get yourself a badger brush, a nice cup, fill it with shaving cream, and then hold the razor at a 30 degree angle to your face.  Shave away and feel good about it.  It causes less razor burn, and it’s awesome and cool and fun.

So now you’re practically a shaving expert.  This man’s guide to shaving doesn’t include important topics like trimming a beard or mustache, but we’ll delve into that in the future.  In the meantime, enjoy your smooth face.



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