5 Ways To Spice Up A Kiss

A good kiss can feel better than sex. Some sexual positions do not allow the freedom for passionate kisses, including doggy style, but the traditional missionary sex gives you the luxury of indulging in a heated kiss with a partner. If you are searching for ways to turn up the intensity, here are 5 ways to spice up a kiss.

  1. Dedicate a day to kissing: Now I realize this will be difficult for most of you since work and chores steal most of the day, but all relationships require sufficient time and dedication, much like everything else. Spend a day with your partner and focus only on kissing. Use the tongue to make mad passionate love and then go slow with teasing kisses. A day is long enough to turn your kiss into one that could win the Olympics.
  2. Use A blindfold: In taking away one sense for another, every kiss will intensify. Even better would be to blindfold each other. This way, a simple drawing of your finger over a partner’s lips will send shivers down her spine. There is so much joy to experience when toying with the five senses.
  3. Szzzzz: Get naked, oil up your bodies, and rub together whilst avoiding sex and hot French kisses. Keep up the pretense that you can handle such pleasure without giving in to passion. You can kiss everywhere else but the genitals and lips. Discover new erogenous zones and send your partner to heaven with incredible foreplay. Finally, when you are both willing to surrender, the heat of your kiss could be enough to tip you over the edge.
  4. Anger Her: Food can spice up the sex life. Tie her wrists tight and feed her sweet treats, but turn it spicy by dripping the chocolate sauce or honey over her face and other parts of her anatomy. Turn her so angry and imagine hours of her refusal to kiss or make love with you while she sulks and is unable to move or clean herself. Make up sex is always hot after an argument, but the sheer electricity of your lips touching will be enough to heal the rift.
  5. Upside Down Kiss: Face to face kissing can get boring, so why not try an upside down kiss. If her lips are plumper and always dominating yours, now you have the power to dominate hers. Try sucking her tongue or moving your lips so close to hers without touching, long enough to force her to grip your head and pull you in deeper.

Here are just 5 ways to spice up a kiss, but there are hundreds of ways to increase the passion. All it requires is a little imagination.


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