The Art of Sexual Healing

Sex has the power to heal or destroy. Look at religion and how it uses guilt to cause sexual repressions. It is not healthy to turn away from sexual fantasies or refuse to give the body what it needs, plus sex and masturbation are natural ways to disperse anxiety and tension. Personally, I used to feel guilty after masturbation, but the art of sexual healing has “healed” me. In addition, finding a loving partner who does not judge and accepts your sexuality is also healing.

From the age of fourteen, when I first discovered masturbation and rubbed my clit for three hours before my gorgeous climax, I have felt guilty about my love of orgasms. It has taken me a long time to reach this stage where an orgasm helps me regain focus and is a natural part of my healing process. My sexual partners have not always helped in my healing, but this is down to personal choice, as we choose a partner based on how we see ourselves.

At the back of my mind amongst the evil demons of darkness dwelling beneath, I have always believed that sex is healing. However, it’s not just sex that has the power to heal. Put together foreplay, touch, attention, and connection with a partner and you have a powerful, free tool to heal the mind and body. The body experiences ecstasy during an orgasm and endorphins release. There is no doubt that the body and mind feels out-of-this-world during an orgasm.

Sex must not be used for selfish purposes, so sticking your dick in your partner to come is not incorporating the art of sexual healing. Make her feel important. Use touch to convey your love. Tease your tongue between her legs for thirty minutes until she is shaking and begging for more. Continue the domination. Always look for a way to create a sexual change in your partner and encourage the fulfilling of her every desire. What is sex if it is not full of adventure and spontaneity?

Why do men and women seek fulfillment elsewhere? It’s not out of a love for sex with strangers; it is because your current relationship has no spark, so entice this spark through the art of sexual healing. Encourage one another to discuss fantasies, whether it includes threesomes, anal sex, or golden showers. The best way to cure sexual repressions is to be honest and accepting of one another.

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