Do You Think You’re Not Good Enough In Bed?

I was chatting with my boyfriend the other day through Skype, and he gave me a hot porn show. It got me thinking about sex. Watching him excite his body in such a way certainly stimulated my mind onto sex, and I teased him with a visual image of my dousing my breasts in oil. I thought I’m just not exciting enough next to his mind-blowing display of love for his body. I confessed my worries later, and he said he felt that he wasn’t exciting enough for me.  How strange to be thinking the exact same thing as we explicitly perform in front of each other. If you think you’re not good in bed, you may be wondering why the thoughts come and go.

Trying Is Enough

Not everyone is a fan of cybersex, but unfortunately, Jon and I have no choice, as we live thousands of miles apart. All relationships require long-term commitment, but we have to fully commit to one another to keep the fireworks alive. Fortunately, we have chemistry in all other areas of our relationship, as well as our love of deep conversation. We communicate our desires to one another. We share a deep love of sexual experimentation, and I find it a complete turn on that he feels comfortable enough to show and tell me what he wants.

Natural Sexiness

Sexiness cannot be bought in a jar; it comes naturally through self-love and pleasuring a partner. Masturbation is an act of self-love. It is not a sign of desperation, nor is it a sin. It is a beautiful gift and a chance to escape from the reality of such a dark world.

Sexiness is a sign that you are good in bed. If it comes naturally through a love of pleasuring your partner, see it as a blessing! My partner may not see his sexiness as he splays his naked body on his bed, but his love of always putting my pleasure first turns him into the hottest lover in the world, whether he accepts the compliment or not.

Put Your Pleasure First

If you think you’re not good enough in bed, it is not selfish to focus quality time on your body. It is impossible to show a partner how you like to be touched if you have not experienced firsthand how it feels to make love to the self. Throw the guilt to one side and enjoy this sexual pleasure. If you feel confident, perhaps you could record yourself in action and send the video to a partner as a horny surprise. Routine is the way of life, but sexuality can jump in and out of every inch of your life if you allow its spark to dominate you. There is no set “good lover” out there. Quality lovemaking takes time and dedication to invoke fireworks.

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