Sandusky: Gets it in the Ass, 45x

It looks like Jerry Sandusky is going to feel the wrath of his actions following a guilty verdict of 45 out of 48 counts of child sexual abuse. He faces up to sixty years in prison which, at sixty-eight years old, means a life sentence.

His Reaction

The former Penn State assistant coach has walked through the entire circus of allegations and media upheaval looking like an innocent boy caught in the headlights. His dopey, puffy looking piehole rarely showed emotion beyond rolled back eyebrows and puckered lips that many people would like to see smashed in with a hammer. To add insult to injury, Sandusky continually denied the allegations and went as far as commenting that his accusers held a financial motive for coming forward. Upon hearing the verdict, juror Joshua Harper told the TV program TODAY that he believed Sandusky’s reaction, or lack thereof, was validation of someone who knew that his actions were wrong which made Harper feel that this was “confirmation” of the jury making the right choice. Sandusky’s lawyers have already made a statement that they will be filing for an appeal. This is yet another thumb in the eye of his many victims.

The Victims

The accusers in this case “showed great strength” according to Pa. Attorney General Linda Kelly. Their combined testimony’s were considered reinforcing and therefore the jury concluded that it was inconceivable that they could all be lying, which solidified their decision. The mother of accuser #6 commented, “Nobody wins, everybody loses”.

The Future of Jurors

The community’s reaction was overwhelmingly joyful when the verdict was read. Applause and cheers rose up throughout the courthouse and its grounds. However, some believe that this reaction sends a clear message to subsequent high profile cases putting future jurors on notice. It shouts to “do the right thing” according to the majority of society’s opinion rather than upholding the law according to the evidence. It is a possible phenomenon that could undermine our legal system in these kinds of legal conflicts especially when the alternative would be the potential fear instilled in our 12 fellow citizens if the decision goes the wrong way.

Child Abuse Disclosure

In many cases child abuse is dealt with internally or swept under the rug altogether. This is more times than not due to a potential major monetary hit as well as reputation killer. It seems that the action of hiding such atrocities has hopefully come to an end due to not only Sandusky but the many priests, rabbis, celebrities and the like being paraded into our legal system to face their crimes almost daily. In addition, more education needs to be given to young minds so as not to be threatened or coerced into such situations.

Jerry Sandusky got what he had coming. Unfortunately it could and should have been sooner. Hopefully, his life in jail will be just as horrific as was his actions against his victims.


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