Summer Style For Men

Summer is under way and we don’t need to tell you how to dress.  On the other hand, you probably want us to.  Fair enough.  We’ve got some sick tips for staying cool in the warm, warm summer nights that will surely find you making out on a beach or blowing some dank grass.  Just pay attention to this summer style for men.

Alright, sometimes summer involves work and you might have to go to work in a suit.  Fair enough, we can deal with that.  You don’t want to be wearing a black suit to work in the dead of summer.  Get yourself a thin, cotton suit.  Like a linen-cotton suit.  Get something that suits the season, like tan, light brown, cream, or even a white suit.  Nothing too flashy.  Just make sure it breathes, or else you’ll overheat and die.  Don’t wear socks and you’ll be cool as a cucumber baby.  Boom.

But when you’re not working then you probably are off doing some fun shit.  Get some clothes for it.  Tank tops are cool as hell if you’ve got the muscles to fill them out.  Get a sick Adidas top with some geometric patterns and you’ll be good to go.  You probably also need to get some shorts, so cut off some cords or chinos from last year and get punk rock with it.  It’s cool and fun, for cruising the beach, the bar, or wherever you’re going.

Don’t wear flip flops this year, it’s not cool and mostly tacky.  Get some vans classics and rock them like you invented them.  Wear them with shorts and no socks.  Go for black on black.  It’s the style that never fades man.  Just stay away from those flip flops.

Miscellaneous tips include trying out gingham and seersucker if you haven’t already, because those go good with summer weather.  You can also get a new bathing suit that isn’t too long, kinda like James Bond in Casino Royale.  That’s always cool.  Also you might want to grab some tennis clothes and hit the court, because that never goes out of style.

Do you know how to dress for summer?  Well I hope so.  At least now I hope you do.  It’s not hard, but you have to be economical and dress for the weather.  It will be hot, but you’ll be cool and women will love it.  That’s the key to summer style for men.


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