How To Decipher Between Cockiness and Confidence

In the time of “SWAG” and “SWAGGER” we are creating some highly unlovable males. The worst part is, most of the men doing these things don’t even know how wrong it is because the media tells them it’s okay. Women are getting very fed up with the cockiness of our generations and finding a man with genuine confidence is getting harder to find. Here’s how to decipher between cockiness and confidence and what you can do to become less of a headache and more of a turn on.

Loose the Strut. Walking with ‘swagger’ is a hype that never should’ve been hyped. It is meant for Jersey Shore or rap artist wannabees. This shows a cockiness that isn’t even real. It tells women you’re trying to be something you’re not; which is no turn on. A real man can walk into a room and command attention by his confident smile and straight and squared up shoulders. Having a more natural walk is way more attractive.

Quit Bragging. When you first meet a woman you need to realize we don’t like cockiness or overselling. If you try too hard to list all your best attributes we’ll be left annoyed and wondering what else you have to offer. You don’t leave any mystery by bragging about all you ‘accomplishments’ in the first hour of knowing us. A confident man will be chivalrous and let the woman talk more in the first few dates. Let her share her thoughts and goals and slowly tell her yours. Being confident by holding back your life story until the right time is definitely way hotter than bragging yourself up from the get to.

Don’t Tell Us- Show Us. Saying things like “I’ll rock your world” or “You’ve NEVER had a man like me” is disgusting and a joke. Truly, those lines only work on a few women who are most likely self-conscious anyway. To avoid sounding cocky, ditch TELLING us what you can do for us and show us instead. A guy who surprises us with a great date or great sex with a quiet self-assurance is much more attractive and irresistible than they guy who promised us the world then didn’t deliver. Let your actions speak for themselves, don’t speak for them.

How to decipher between cockiness and confidence is really quite easy. If you’ve seen it on TV or in a music video…don’t do it! Never try and imitate someone else. Women love authentic and real men. Be yourself and hold your head high. Make her laugh with your subtle charm and chivalrous manners and she’ll be dying for more time with you.


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