You’re Going To Be A Daddy- So Now What?

The time has come: FATHERHOOD. There’s no turning back and you’re not sure if you’re ready. All the sudden diapers, hospitals, tantrums, and bottles seem like the scariest things on Earth. You may be feeling overwhelmed and under-prepared for the task that is to come, but there’s good news. For most parents, it comes naturally; and freaking out first is normal. Don’t feel guilty by having a little panic attack from time to time. Whether it was planned or a surprise for you, here is some things you can do to prepare and ease your mind before your mini-me comes into the world.

Ask For Advice. The first thing you should do in this case is find an ally. Surely you know someone who has a kid. It might be your best friend, co-worker, or your father if needed, but you do have them in your life. Reach out to them and sit down for a good chat. Ask them how they first felt, what are some things you should know, what you do next, and just LISTEN to the advice they have to give.

Be Involved. Nothing is scarier than being left in the dark. If you are married or it was a one night stand mishap, you need to be plugged into what is going on next. Make sure you take time off for doctor’s appointments and do some research by reading books or online. Let the mother know you WANT to be tuned in. Learning more about the baby and the process of what happens next is a good way to feel like you have your shit together. It’ll feel more relaxing and exciting if you see the steps being taken first hand.

Financials. Getting prepared through your insurance company and financial assistance (if needed) is a major step you need to take. Call your insurance company to see what you need to do to find a good pediatrician and ask your wife or girlfriend which OBGYN she is choosing. Add them to your insurance plan and make your co-pays on time so you don’t fall behind. If you don’t have insurance, contact your state office and apply for financial aid and they’ll help you not only with insurance but food and formula too.

Enjoy. Taking a deep breath and enjoying these first few moments is extremely important. You won’t want to look back and not be able to remember the first ultrasound, the joy you first felt of hearing the sex of the baby, or the feelings of your partner because you were too busy freaking out. Relax a little and try and think of how great it will be once you get past all the fears. Take it all in because you won’t ever get this back.

How to plan for parenthood is extremely difficult and terrifying at times but with some research, allies, and calming methods, you’ll be able to sit back and get excited for this next chapter of your life.

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