How To Get Skin She Can’t Resist Touching

It’s the season of showing skin and that’s normally all men can think about. Girls in short skirts, white shorts, bikinis, and revealing tops; but women notice men’s skin too. Believe it or not, the appearance, smell, and feel of a man’s skin can turn a girl off or make her want to touch you all over. Making sure you’re doing the right things to keep your skin looking and feeling great is important, especially this time of year when you’re constantly on display at the beach, pool, gym, or backyard BBQ. Here’s how to get skin she can’t resist touching.

WASH. Washing your face and body daily seems like a pointless thing to say to men but clearly as woman have seen (and smelled), we need to remind you to do it often. Taking care of your face every day is just as important as showering. Make sure you cleanse your face every night before you hit the sack to avoid oily skin (or dry). An unwashed face can lead to pimples even after your teenager years which is a huge turn off.

MOISTURIZE. Using a manly lotion on your skin can help keep it from being dry and flaky or too rough to the touch. Women like tough skin on a man but that means ‘thick’ and ‘hard’ not bumpy, scratchy, and dirty. By using a lotion like Lubriderm you will give your skin the attention it needs without feeling like a baby’s bottom when she strokes your chest or arms.

TAN. Very few women enjoy pasty white skin on a guy. If you are totally against tanning booths and feel like it’s not for you, make sure you spend at least two hours outside a day with your shirt off exercising or just laying by the water with a book or your i-Pod.  Sexy bronze skin that glistens by the beach can make a woman go wild.

SHAVE. We’re not telling you to get a full body wax or shave here, but we are saying to get rid of excess hair. Shaving your chest, back, and even trimming your air pits if they are out of control can make your body look a lot more toned and touchable. When hair gets sweaty in the sun it is a huge turn off and no woman wants to touch a sweaty hairy body. Make it sleek and touchable by trimming up where you need to.

TONE. Toning up and tightening your body is just an extra cherry on the cupcake. What woman doesn’t want to touch a tan, sleek, tight body? Well, we all do. So do yourself a favor and get healthier and happier by starting to go for runs, staying hydrated and eating right. You don’t need to look like a Greek God but shedding some extra flab will only help your chances of being irresistible.

By following these tips on how to get skin she can’t resist touching, you’ll get there in no time. Take care of your body and follow the basic tricks of the trade. You’ll feel more confident and she’ll want her hands all over you…all night.


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