How To Get Better Rates On Your Auto Insurance

In today’s struggling economy, pinching pennies and living frugally is a must for most people. Finding ways to save money is becoming a necessity more and more and cheap car insurance is something not everyone thinks about but it can end up saving you up to hundreds of dollars per month if done correctly. Here’s how to get better rates on your auto insurance.

Smart shoppers of car insurance have figured out the ins and outs to getting the best rates on the market. For starters, paying attention on the road and being a safe and reliable driver is the best way to help you obtain that cheap car insurance you deserve. Speeding tickets, minor accidents, or any type of other violation on the road you rack up on your name is causing your insurance premium to sky rocket. Although you may not think twice about speeding or running a red light, the insurance companies sure do. The more crimes of the road you commit the higher risk you are to them, which is why they raise your rates. Having a clean record for long periods at a time will help lower your future insurance rates.

Raising your deductible can help lower your insurance. Almost every insurance agency goes by this standard; the higher you set your deductible, the lower your premium. This is a choice few want to make but many do. You’re taking a gamble that you won’t need it in the future so that you save money year round. If you can bear to max it out or raise it higher than it currently is, do so. The amount of money you’ll save in the long run will most likely be worth the stress of knowing your deductible is set so high.

Another way that you can lower your premium is to HIGHER your credit score. Unfortunately as though your credit score doesn’t affect enough of your life, it also affects the price of your car insurance as well. You can get cheap car insurance if you are a low risk-high credit score individual or family.  Sometimes shopping with new insurance companies will help because the emphasis put on your credit score varies from agency to agency. If you have high rates now, search for a new insurance agent that can help you find a company that will not judge you so much base on your weak credit score.

Some other ways of saving money on car insurance include: lowering the miles you drive on your vehicle, asking what discounts you receive through your work or organizations, bundling up your car insurance with another type offered through the agency like renter’s or home-owners and buying a vehicle that is considered ‘low-risk’. Hopefully these tips on how to get better rates on your auto insurance will help you save some money.


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