Role Play: Be Someone Else in Bed

When it comes to bedroom antics, turning it up a notch can put your relationship onto a whole new level. Opening up your sexually creative mind and entertaining some role play scenarios is not only fun but can be a very hot experience.


It may take some doing to convince yourself or your woman how titillating bedroom role play can be. You may both feel silly or self-conscious however once you are able to put aside your inhibitions, entering this playtime with full commitment can open up some freak flag flying fantasies. Discuss what might be the best scene. Here are some ideas to start you (and get you) off:

• Plumber – Housewife: Housewife answers the door in a sundress with nothing underneath. She proceeds to show the plumber where the problem is by getting on all fours and crawling under the sink while her short dress rides up just enough for him to see the show.

• Teacher – Student: Either gender can be either role here. The teacher keeps the student afterschool for being disruptive. The proper punishment must be carried out (a board pointing stick works well for keeping your student in line)

• Delivery Man – Housewife: Similar to the plumber scenario but this time the housewife wears a loose fitting top with no bra and ‘accidentally’ drops the pen when signing for the package.

• Cop – TV Stealing Thief: Also a dual gender role. A neighbor calls a cop who enters the house looking for the thief. When he/she is found, with gun drawn, the cop proceeds to order the thief into undressing, posing in compromising positions and/or performing forced sexual acts.

• Doctor – Nurse: The doctor needs the nurse to help with a patient. Once the patient is asleep he asks the nurse to please look at a birthmark on his thigh. The doctor embarrassingly tells the nurse how he has on no underwear. She assures him that they are professionals and bends down to look at the birthmark when suddenly something distracts her mouth.

Role Play Tips

Similar to bondage scenarios, role play should have a ‘safe word’. This way, if you are in the throes of defiling each other, one can yell the ‘safe word’ to snap you out of your role and bring the play to a stop. Adding as much detail to your scene can make it that much more titillating as well. Costume stores and thrift shops are great places to find the appropriate wardrobe and accessories. Plus, if you really want to go all out, videotape your scenes to get you hot when you do not want to dress up. Follow the do’s and don’ts of making a sex tape for the best result.

Put a little role play into your sex life and watch the sparks and body fluids fly. The more creative you get, the more real it can seem and when you are on the edge of reality it will surely get exciting.

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