Rim Job: Eat Ass or Be Eaten

A rim job a/k/a analingus is when you lick, suck and/or penetrate someone’s asshole with your tongue. The person getting rimmed can experience some of the most highly sensitive, tingling, mind-blowing feelings they have ever had. In addition to these feelings there is also the emotion of being involved in a dirty, slutty, taboo act that heightens the performance that much more.


Do not even think about licking her ass or expect her to lick yours unless it is scrubbed clean and as shaved as possible. She will not be willing to stick her face into your Osama Bin Laden goat smelling ass bush anytime soon unless you find a way to get rid of it. Slap some shaving cream in there and gently shave off as much as possible or use a pair of powered clippers. Once it is clean and puckered the other thing you do not want her exposed to is a stray hemorrhoid. The only way to make sure your brown eye is ready for eating is to stand naked in front of a mirror, turn around, grab your ankles and take a look-see through your legs.

Way of the Rim

She may be a rim job receiving pro and in that case get in there and slurp away, however if she does not have any rim job experience it is up to you to slip it in. Get her on all fours, crawl under the hood and lap away at her pussy until she is lubed up like a broken faucet. Be sure and tease her asshole with your fingers during your licking extravaganza to test her ‘comfortablity’ zone. If she moves your hand away and you are a brave soul, you can still attempt to carry out the next step.

The Plunge

Slowly scoot out from underneath her while continuing to lick and finger at the same time (this takes talent). As you turn to face her gleaming prize, in one fell swoop, before she knows what is happening, plunge your tongue in like you are bobbing for apples. She may yelp and try to get away but just grab her hips and ride the bucking bronco until she gives in to your swirling, darting, rimming tongue.

Get Her Licking

There are two ways to get your woman to rim you. One is to discuss it beforehand letting her know that you always wanted to try it and that your ass is primed and ready. The other way is to guide her toward your hole during fellatio. As she gloms on your pole start to tell her to lick and suck your balls. When she is in that area, grab her head and shove her face in your ass. If you did your job of cleaning up down there she just may go for it.

Enter the taboo world of the rim job and watch your sex meter burst into flames. Hell, when the word gets out you may even have them lining up, asses ready.

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