How To Experiment With The Male G-Spot

The male g-spot will always be an erogenous zone filled with mystery. Firstly, it is situated in the anus, and a large percentage of men have homophobic issues and would never experiment in this area. However, if you have an open mind, you probably have an open sexuality and will delve into taboo areas, such as the male g-spot. If you want to know how to experiment with the male g-spot, here are five tips.

  1. Rid The Guilt: A large majority of men will simply avoid this pleasuring-giving spot because of where it lies. Of course, you may worry about being teased by your friends, but what does that say about a friend who judges? Being open minded about your sexuality is the real pleasure giver. So what if the male g-spot is situated in the anus, it does not make you homosexual to want to use a finger or anal toy to create your rock hard erection during masturbation or sex.
  2. 2. Discuss The Fantasy With A Partner: Okay, so you might not be up for strap-on sex, but talking about the need to experiment in this area is a good start. If you feel she is judging you after your confession, you need to make the decision of whether to stay with such a sexually closed character. There is nothing wrong with experimenting with the male g-spot. It could make some women paranoid, but it does not make you bisexual or homosexual to want to pleasure this area. Instead, find a partner who is open-minded and likes to share new fantasies, including rimming.
  3. Get Comfortable: The first step when you want to experiment with the male g-spot is to find a comfortable position (on the back is usually best). It can also feel more comfortable if you raise your buttocks slightly.
  4. Relax Before Experimenting: This area does not self-lubricate and it is prone to tears. Massage a finger over the perineum (the area between the anus and testicles) and go gently. Apply lubricant on your finger, or a specialist anal toy and penetrate the anus slowly to avoid discomfort. Go at your own pace. You should not have to penetrate too far since the g-spot is situated approximately two inches inside the anus and is the approximate size of a walnut. A finger is long enough to penetrate the g-spot, but other men like it deeper and use a thicker dildo to achieve intense stimulation. If you can relax the sphincter muscles during the process, you will find it more enjoyable. Taking a warm bath is a good way to relax these muscles before experimenting with the male g-spot.
  5. How To Get In the Mood For Experimental Play: Some men find the anus fascinating and like to probe a partner’s anus. The anus contracts slightly during a clitoral orgasm and can feel pleasurable for her, but always enquire beforehand so as not to shock her. You could explain how you want to try rimming (licking the anus) and expand this into ass play. If you are not ready for a finger or toy to penetrate the anus, try rimming, which is gentle but explosive enough to expand the mind.

Whether you want to learn how to experiment with the male g-spot or are curious about this area, there is nothing wrong in researching further. The male g-spot is there for your pleasure, just as the clitoris is a pleasure spot for women, but it does require an open mind or else guilt could manifest and create sexual repressions.

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