Sex On The Menstrual Cycle

Did you know that she is most likely to pounce on you when she’s menstruating? This is because her hormone levels constantly change throughout the monthly cycle. Days 1 to 7 cause far less vaginal lubrication, so it’s important to use foreplay to get her in the mood. However, having sex on the menstrual cycle doesn’t require exerted effort. The good news though is on days 8 to 14; she feels at her horniest, as this is also her most fertile period. Her orgasms will feel “out of this world” but she will also appear more attractive to the opposite sex. In fact, research has proven that men are attracted to ovulating women. Days 15 to 21 cause her estrogen levels to drop, and days 21 to 28 her voice may deepen slightly and sound sexier from the increase in progesterone.

What if just the sight of blood makes you run for the hills? Consider her pleasure. She is horniest when she is menstruating, and her erogenous zones will become extra sensitive, as will her orgasms. If the thought of oral sex doesn’t appeal, why not stroke her to orgasm with your fingers or a sex toy? If you’re already in a long-term sexual relationship with your partner, there is no risk of catching a Sexually Transmitted Disease. Some men prefer to have anal sex during this period, but let her decide. The blood is often the heaviest during the first 2-3 days of the menstrual cycle, but this will lighten.

On my recent visit to Canada, I knew I’d be menstruating and I wasn’t sure Jon would want to give me oral sex. He impressed me with his effort and gave me an amazing orgasm. So whether or not you find blood heavenly or a disgusting sight put aside your differences and consider the pleasure of your partner.

The positive effect of having sex on the menstrual cycle is the release of pain relieving endorphins. It is well known that women suffer from breast and groin pain and an orgasm can greatly reduce these symptoms. Imagine if you can take away her pain and how she could repay you in kind.


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