The Power of Sexual Energy

Did you know you can use your sexual energy to enhance your creativity? Jacking off to porn on a daily basis is a waste of vital life energy, and the body is brimming with creative energy. The power of sexual energy is abundant, and if used in a wise way it can enhance energy levels. Tantric sex teachers believe the more life force energy in the body the easier it is to attain higher states of consciousness, but it’s also important to note that an orgasm is a simple release of tension, and this is healthy since recycled stress can cause destructive illness and disease. It is also good to make up your own mind. Recycling sexual energy requires tremendous mental power, as there is no point taking yourself to the peak of orgasm then feeling angry and taking your sexual frustrations out on a guy in a bar.

You can channel sexual energy and can use it to your advantage. For example, take yourself to the peak of orgasm and channel your orgasm to your partner. I often wonder if my partner does this to me since my pussy starts to contract and turn me onto thoughts of sex. However, we share a strong like-minded sexual bond, so it is possible to channel the power of sexual energy to enhance your orgasm and that of your partners.

Orgasms can intensify if you wait several days before masturbating. An intensifying orgasm can leave you feeling more energized and creative. Sex can take years off your life, especially if you channel this energy into a partnership. Sharing sexual energy is potent and creates a unifying bond.

Tantric sex practitioners may state that it can give you deeper insights into life, but only if you are able to channel this energy in the right direction, and not everyone can. Sex and orgasms are there to give you pleasure, but if you share the power of sexual energy with a partner, it can lead to intensive orgasms and a stronger connection, and isn’t that what we all wish to attain?

I once tried recycling my sexual energy. Just before I felt close to orgasm, I channeled the energy and drew it back into my body. It felt strange but my whole body felt electrified. As I hadn’t orgasmed, I knew I could bring myself to the peak again, but the second time it was harder to stop and I had a fulfilling orgasm and filled my body with glorious endorphins.

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