Throw A Frugal Kick Ass BBQ- Tips For Hosts On a Budget

Everyone likes to entertain now and then. We all like to feel special, invite some friends over, and impress everyone with our grill skills. But how do you throw a kick ass BBQ party with limited funds? It can seem daunting and you may want to just forget about it all together but there are ways to make throwing a backyard party a lot more realistic than you might think. Here are some great tips for hosts on a budget that will still impress your guests.

Buy Generic Brands. Once your guests arrive and quickly get their buzz on from the sun and alcohol, anything will taste amazing. You don’t need to serve Omaha Steaks and name brand items to get their attention. Picking up generic brands for things like buns, condiments, and chips will not faze anyone a bit and it will reflect better on your final bill too.

Plan Ahead With Sale Items. If you know your party is a month away and you see hotdogs or soda on sale, BUY BUY BUY! Stock up at the time and save in the long run. Getting 15 2 liters of generic brand soda can also help you out. If hamburger meat is on sale per pound, stock up and freeze it until the event. No one will notice when they bite into the burgers after a long day of drinking and yard darts in the sun.

Don’t Buy What You Don’t Need. Buying plastic forks, spoons, knives, and plates doesn’t really do anyone any good. People hate eating on them anyway and it costs you money you don’t have! Use some of your small plates, let your guests eat on a solid surface and trick them into portion control while you’re at it. Your dishwasher is your best friend at this point. Also on this point, don’t buy bottled water. It’s a waste and most people will drink half and it will go warm or they’ll use it for spit bottles. Instead just prepare some jugs of ice water in the freezer and buy some plastic cups (that is the only plastic wear you’ll need!).

Accept Offerings. When people coming to your party get all excited and ask what they can bring…ANSWER THEM! If you need them to bring some bags of chips, they’d be delighted. Tell someone to grab some cups from the dollar store. If people are asking, they truly want to help out. If nothing else, make sure it’s a BYOB party. That’ll be your biggest expense and you shouldn’t have to do that. Most people know to bring their own choice of beverage.

With these great tips for hosts on a budget, you’re sure to be able to throw the BBQ you’ve been dreaming about. It doesn’t need to be extravagant to impress people. Also, stock up on hot dogs…once night falls and you throw a few packs on the grill, people will be surprised at your generosity and eat those suckers up!

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