The Best Movies of All-Time: The Top 4

Okay this is obviously arguable.  There are a ton of movies and they all belong here.  I could list like a million of them but for the purposes of brevity, I’ll just name like four of them.  Here are the 4 of the best movies of all time.  These are in no particular order, okay?

1) The Godfather Where to even begin.  Watching Pacino turn from a good guy to a bad guy is amazing.  It’s one of the few sequels that are on par with the original as well.  The dress is amazing and it teachers you a lot about being a man.  Evil and good aren’t so clear in this movie.  You need to decide what’s right and wrong.  It encapsulates an era extremely well.  Gordon Willis’ cinematography combined with Francis Ford Coppola’s direction are effing sweet.

2) Fight Club This will get your man blood pumping (though I recognize that that statement sounds really, really not cool).  It’s a movie about men fighting for the sake of fighting and it makes you want to punch someone out.  Maybe after you watch it you’ll end up starting your own fight club.  That’s been known to happen.  Good luck looking like Brad Pitt.  That dude is straight ripped.

3) Annie Hall This is a geeky dude’s type of movie.  It makes you love New York and it’s another fantastic collaboration between Diane Keaton and Woody Allen.  It’s one of the few romantic comedies tolerable by men anywhere.  Gordon Willis’ cinematography are fantastic in this as well.  It’s just a great movie and I’m particularly partial to it.  Maybe it’s a little smarmy, but it’s a fantastic film.   You have to see it before you die.  Really.

4) 2001: A Space Odyssey Jesus, this movie is absolutely groundbreaking.  It’s a dude’s movie.  There are very extended sequences of just beautiful things happening in space.  It’s a movie about the evolution of mankind as a species well into the dawn of technology and space exploration.  The soundtrack is all classical music and makes for some very dramatic sequences of floating objects in space.  This is the vision of director Stanley Kubrick who is a total genius.  You’ll love him, I promise.  Just go rent this movie.  The haunting voice of HAL singing Daisy, Daisy will stick with you forever.

So there are just 4 of the best movies of all time.  Check them out next time you have a minute!


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