5 Ways To Get A Second Date

So you want a second date.  Those can be very difficult.  First dates are hard enough, since you need to go up and get someone’s number and then call them and ask them out.  Unless you got set up on a date.  If that’s the case then you need to work extra hard for that extremely elusive second date.  I promise, it won’t be easy.  But with a few key pointers, you’ll be on a second, third, and maybe even a fourth date (if you’re lucky).  here are the 5 ways to get a second date.

1) Make a Good First Impression You only get one first impression.  It’s really true.  I can bet that first impressions are the main key to getting second dates.  On your first date, wear something presentable.  It’s crucial.  It has to make you look like you’re a man who mean’s business.  Try to look really fashionable.  Your life depends on it.

2) Mind Your Damn Manners She’ll never talk to you again if you don’t mind your hygiene and mind your manners.  They’re both crucial.  Hold doors and that sort of shit.  Pay for the meal.  Say please and thank you.  Be extremely nice to the wait staff (that sort of thing goes a really long way).

3) Be interesting That’s also really important.  If you are lame, then she’ll have no reason to call you again.  You better have some sick conversation going on.  Don’t be too braggy, don’t be too arrogant, but be really confident.  Have some not-weird hobbies to work on.

4) Seal the Deal You need to give her the details required for a second date.  If you don’t get her number, or get a second date planned, then you’ll be in trouble.  Maybe something non threatening.  Take her to a movie.  It’s sick.

5) Kiss Her Do it wimp!  You’ve got it.  Maybe she’ll be into it.  If not, then you’ll absolutely not get a second date.  Be sweet, not weird.  Be cool.  Don’t have sweaty lips.  Don’t have a creepy moustache.

Alright, you want a second date.  Fair enough.  There are 5 ways to get a second date.  There are a ton of ways.  Shit maybe your second date will be taking her back to your place for some sweet love.  In any case, I wish the best for you.  Good luck brother!

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