The Blood Type Diet

Researchers have concluded that the body is better able to lose weight if it is fed the correct nutrients required by your personal blood type. The blood type diet can improve the body’s digestion. If you are a blood donor, you may receive a card with your blood type, but this information should also be listed on your medical files and available through your doctor.  The main blood groups are O (common), A, B, and AB (rarest).

The founder of the blood type diet, Dr Peter D’Amamo claims this particular diet provides the body with optimum nutrition; is an aid to weight loss, and improves the immune system to fight disease.

The Effectiveness of The Blood Type Diet

The blood type diet has been popularized by the celebrity world. Elizabeth Hurley is a fan and maintains her svelte figure through this particular diet. The human body is not always able to digest certain foods. Some people suffer intolerances to wheat, dairy, and nuts and this may or may not be due to that person’s blood type. Dr D’Amamo states that if you consume the correct foods for your blood type, the digestive system is better able absorb nutrients, detoxify the body, and aid weight loss.

The Blood Types

  • Type O: This is the most common blood type and people with this blood type should follow a low carbohydrate diet, limit their intake of wheat, grains, and dairy products, and consume a diet high in seeds, eggs, nuts, and certain vegetables.
  • Type A: Digestive problems can occur through a diet high in animal proteins, so base your diet on soya, eggs, dairy, and carbohydrates and limit the intake of animal proteins.
  • Type B: Persons with this blood type can consume grains, meat, vegetables, and dairy produce, but foods to avoid include processed food, starchy foods, and nuts.
  • Type AB: Consume foods from groups A and B including dairy, carbohydrates, vegetables, eggs, grains, and meat.

Following any diet can cause deficiencies, so it is important to find a versatile supplement to provide your body with optimum nutrition. Two of the healthiest food sources are Chlorella and Spirulina. These foods (available in powder of capsule form) provide your body with all the nutrition it needs, and they also contain all of the essential eight amino acids required by the body to optimize brain and nerve functions. They are especially useful for vegetarian diets, as vegetables and soya lack several essential amino acids. The blood type diet may be a helpful tool to improve digestion and weight loss, but it is also important to ensure that your body receives all of the necessary vitamins, minerals, and phytonutrients necessary for long-term health.


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