The Contraceptive Pill Can Affect Her Libido

Since the contraceptive pill came into existence, it has become a popular preventative against pregnancy worldwide. There are thousands of types of contraceptive pills, of which many state to prevent cervical cancer and reduce the length of the menstrual cycle, but the contraceptive pill can affect her libido. A loss of sexual desire, inability to lubricate, and a reduction in sexual pleasure can all be caused by the contraceptive pill.

The Side Effects of The Pill

Oral contraceptives stop pregnancy by producing a synthetic form of estrogen, but these hormones can also wreck havoc in the body leading to a reduction in sexual pleasure, lubrication, and desire. Testosterone is a necessary hormone in both men and women, as it contributes to sexual fantasies and a healthy libido. Testosterone is necessary for supporting the vagina’s natural lubrication during arousal, and the erectile tissue of the clitoris. Women have only 10 percent testosterone, but the contraceptive pill can lower levels of this important hormone. In addition, the synthetic estrogen that is pumped into the body leads to an influx of Sex Hormone Binding Globulin (SHBG). When this binds to testosterone, the body’s cells cannot use it. Levels of SHBG can increase by 200 to 400 percent thus causing a drastic drop in testosterone.

Dealing With Her Loss of Libido

If you are not yet ready for children, it is important to discuss contraceptives with your partner. Condoms can be an expensive option, and most men find them uncomfortable, even though there is a wide array of thin condoms available. The pill is a sensible options as it has a high preventative rate against pregnancy, but knowing that it can cause a reduction in libido, even after coming off the pill, can be a let down. If you notice a loss in her libido, request that she visits her doctor to discuss the option of taking another oral contraceptive. Monophasic pills contain the same number of hormones in each dose and Triphasic pills provide a varied amount of hormones each week.

While the contraceptive pill can affect her libido, it doesn’t need to interfere with your sex life if you discuss other options. Condoms are usually free from a sexual health clinic, and there is always the option her being fitted with an IUD, which is hormone free contraceptive and offers a high preventative rate against pregnancy.


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