5 Tips To Wow Her During Foreplay

Foreplay can be an enjoyable as sex, if you are both adventurous. Foreplay does not always have to involve massage either, as a massage could make her fall asleep rather than keep her aroused and awake. If you plan to massage her, at least dribble a little oil over her genitals. Here are 5 tips to wow her during foreplay.

  1. Some women love oral sex, but other women are too scared to share the body so intimately with a partner. Most men enjoy pleasuring a woman with the tongue or the fingers. If you have ever seen a close up of her masturbating, you will know how she likes to be touched, and soon she will be pining for your tongue between her legs. Experiment with your tongue. Keep her clitoris generously wet and this will keep her on edge. Make intense eye contact with her, and record the mini movie on a cell so you can watch your hot tongue in action.
  2. Tease an ice cube down her spine and continue behind her thighs, calves, and toward her feet. Flip her onto her back and tease the final few drops of the ice cube over her lips, down her neck, and over her nipples. Even better, blindfold her to heighten her senses.
  3. Go gentle on the clitoris. Rubbing your fingers over her clitoris too hard could have the opposite effect and turn her off. Continue to dip one or two fingers into her slit and then continue to rub her clitoris. If her body is writhing and she is moaning for more, keep going until she is at her peak. You will notice the plumpness of her labia before she orgasms.
  4. Wrap her naked body in a blanket, get on top, and give her a sizzling kiss. The deeper and wetter it is, the more she will be thinking about your dick slipping in and satisfying her g-spot. Slight domination is hot.
  5. Flirt over dinner. If you have ever seen the movie 9½ Weeks, you will likely remember the food scene. If you blinded folded a partner in a restaurant, it might gather a few strange thoughts, but there is nothing wrong in asking her to close her eyes. Try feeding her dessert, and before she has had a chance to swallow, give her a long inviting kiss and share the sweetness. Make no mistake foreplay can take place anywhere.

These 5 tips to wow her during foreplay will push her into the mood for kinky times. The more you give in to her desires and look like you are enjoying foreplay, the more she might want to give you in return.

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