The Best Proposal Ideas

So you want to lock it in but you want to do it in a memorable way. Below are some of the best proposal ideas that will hopefully have her bragging to everyone and bending over every time you reminisce.

The Proposal Massage

Explain that you read up on how to give a massage and would she mind if you tried your skills on her. Assure her it will just be a massage with no sex so she feels completely relaxed and not pressured to perform. Have her lie face down with her head at the foot end of the bed. Be sure and keep her covered with only the areas you are working exposed. Make a prior purchase of massage oil or cream and set up candles, music and incense. Really attempt to knead her muscles (research ‘how to give a massage’ beforehand like you told her you did) and be sure to save her hands for last. Finally, after you work the right hand move to the left. Grease it up real good and slip the engagement ring on. Then, kneel down and propose.

The Digital Proposal

Take a picture of yourself holding a sign that says, “Will You Marry Me?” Upload it onto her computer and make it her screen saver. Have the ring ready when she opens her desktop. This also works with an emailed picture but you must be there when she opens it.

The Puzzle Proposal

Purchase a blank ‘design your own puzzle’ kit. Solve the puzzle beforehand and write “Will You Marry Me?” on it. Break it up and give it to her to do. Be there with the ring when she finishes.

Sidewalk Chalk Proposal

This is perfect if she likes hopscotch (look it up, it’s a fun sidewalk game). Draw the hopscotch diagram on the sidewalk and tell her you want to play. After a few rounds, walk her a few feet behind the hopscotch game where you wrote, “Will You Marry Me?” on the sidewalk.

Sand or Snow Proposal

Using food dye, spell out “Will You Marry Me?” in the sand or snow. Stumble upon it and hold out the ring.

Street Flier Proposal

If you live in a city where there are people handing out fliers on the street approach one and give them some money to hand your woman your prepared flier as you walk by together. Tell the flier person that they must get her to take it. Then drop to one knee and hold out the ring.

Scuba Proposal

If you both scuba dive prepare a waterproof sign popping the question. Place the ring in a waterproof, see through box and propose underwater.

Movie Theatre Proposal

Contact your local movie theatre and purchase an ad space before the film. Make sure she sees the message as you wait for the movie and then hold out the ring.

The best proposal ideas are the ones that take their breath away. Get creative, get hitched and get laid like you never did before.

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