Breasts: Fondle, Suck, Nibble and Tease

When most men see a pair of naked women’s breasts their penis immediately begins to grow. Yes, sometimes even gay men react this way. It is innate, we are wired to ogle the many happy funbags that jiggle, bounce and pop into our path every day. However, when we get in bed with our woman we can turn into a kid in a candy shop and try to suckle our way to her backbone while she looks at the ceiling and rolls her eyes.Fondle, suck, nibble and tease breasts so she will willingly feed you her undulating utters whenever and wherever you like.

Large Breasts

Researchers at the University of Vienna discovered that approximately 24% of large breasts lack nipple sensitivity. NYC plastic surgeon, Dr. Alan Matarrasso comments, “This is probably because the nerve that transmits sensation from the nipple is stretched.” He recommends working on the sides of large breasts before diving into the nipple. Also, you can use your tongue, lightly rake your fingers and maybe even nibble this area just below her armpits to get the blood and nerve endings stimulated.

Medium Breasts

Enough said here. These are the perfect candidates for manipulating in any way you see fit. Be gentle though, and listen to her comments and/or body. Some like it hard with a kinky slap across the nips, while others only want a flicking tongue lightly touching the tip of each nipple.

Small Breasts

Small breasts are highly resilient. They are not only durable but they can reveal such sensual perkiness that screams ‘headlights’ 24/7. However, handling small breasts should be done delicately as they tend to be very sensitive. Circle your tongue over the areola (landing strip around the nipple). She should respond with moans and gyrations before you even start on her pulsing eraser heads. Once you run your tongue over her nipples followed by your lightly closed palm, some small breasted women report reaching orgasm simply from this action.

Other Breasts

• Droopy – These breasts are really stretched out so the nerves are highly challenged to receive any stimuli. Therefore, set her on her back to relieve the stretched nerves and gently push them up from the bottom while lightly tweaking her nipples.

• Pregnant Breasts – These will be sensitive and need very gentle touch if she even lets you near them.
• Fake Breasts – The sensitivity here can be challenged. Cup them and tongue them firmly taking all signals into account.

Breast Facts

• The left breast is usually larger

• Victoria University of Wellington, New Zealand conducted a study that found that breasts are the first thing men notice (duh!)

• England has the biggest breasted women in Europe

• The average breast weighs about 1 pound

• Breast augmentation is the #1 cosmetic surgery in America

Take it easy on your woman’s breasts. Watch some lesbian porn for even more tips. Either way, if you give it your all, you will certainly step up a notch on your woman’s bedroom hotness meter.

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