Is Going Back To College Hard?

Men want to know this.  If you didn’t finish college then you probably have thought about it at least once a week since you dropped out.  Is going back to college hard?  In short, no, but it does take some work.  Here’s a quick guide to some of the steps that you probably want to follow if you’re going back to school.

1) Get Your GED: If you graduated from high school already, or at least finished, then skip this step.  You’re going to have an easy time with this one if you’re a relatively intelligent dude.  It’s easier than you think and costs less than $100.  After this little bit, you’ll be on your way.

2) Find a School: Your choice of school depends on several factors.  Some schools accept work experience in place of other credits, which may make the process easier.  Community colleges are easy to enroll and can move very smoothly.  If you already have some credits or do well on tests, then maybe you should enroll in an adult program at a university.  Even the most prestigious universities have programs for adults with non linear paths.  Some programs are more technical while others are more academic.  It’s a tough decision, but just stay well informed.

3) Apply for Financial Aid: As an adult going back to college, there are a ton of opportunities for scholarships and grants.  If you’re unemployed, see if any of your care packages cover this type of tuition.  Maybe your company that you currently work for will take care of some tuition.  In any case, even if you’re totally in the blue, a person can go get 60 credits (aka an Associates Degree) from a community college for $6000 in tuition.  All things considered, this isn’t a lot of money.  It will go a long way in the future.

4) Decide What You Want to Be: This is tough.  Don’t let your lack of ideas stop you from going back.  Are you going to get a degree in something that applies to your current career?  Are you going to get a technical degree? Are you going to start an entirely new path? That’s totally up to you.  Do what works for you and do what you love.  You’ll appreciate it later.

Is going back to college hard?  No.  You can do it, I promise.  The homework is manageable and the payout is fantastic.  You’ll feel so much more accomplished with a degree, whether it’s a bachelor’s, associates, or even a PhD.  Go be a Doctor man, we believe in you.


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