4 Ways To Stop Screwing Up With Women

Wait there are only 4 ways to screw up with women?  Catch-22, there are a lot more ways to screw up than the not screw up.  But don’t let that detour you from trying to better yourself with the ladies.  Eventually you’ll be successful and maybe it will get you laid, or even get you married (I don’t know what you’re looking for man!).  No matter what the situation is, you’ll be able to clear through it with these simple tips.

Stop Cheating: Why don’t we start with the most obvious and most common problem?  Cheating will always fuck up your lady situation.  Whether you’re upsetting your girl or your mistress, the more women you’re stacking at the same time, the more problems you’ll have dealing with them.  Women rarely stick around with a sleazy cheater, so do yourself a favor and quit cheating now.  It’s good for your conscious.

Be Confident: Confidence is the key to literally everything.  Ladies don’t like wimps (except maybe Michael Cera and he’s the huge exception) so don’t be a fucking wimp.  Be a man!  Everything in your life will start turning around if you carry yourself with a little confidence.  Maybe a little bit of alcohol will help with that, you know?  Dress up, act up and throw your chest out a tiny bit.  It’s good for your character.

Be Yourself (If Yourself is Cool): Another little Catch-22 here.  You want to be yourself, so long as yourself works well with women.  If you’re reading this article, then maybe that isn’t great advice.  Now is a good time to change though, right?  Take a few lessons from James Dean (just no driving advice) or maybe from Paul Newman, who had a very successful run with the ladies.  That type of attitude and lifestyle—the casual humor—sits well with the ladies.

Be Understanding: This is the only tip that fucking matters.  Women want someone who can admit when they’re wrong.  It takes a real man to do that sort of thing.  If you can be empathetic, then you’ll never have lady problems again.  You’ll never screw up again.  It’s easy.

There are more than 4 ways to stop screwing up with women, but these are the keys.  Just put a little elbow grease and understanding into your personality, mindset and habits.  It goes a long way with staying with a woman.  Or finding new ones.


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