Can You Be A Party Animal and Still Be In A Relationship?

One of the true age-old questions of manhood—can you be a party animal and still be in a relationship? This is a simple question with a complex answer.  In any case, we’ll look at it from both angles and you can place yourself in either category.  It depends on your personality, so look at both ends of the spectrum and see what you think about it.  Personally, I think you can make anything work, so just give it a shot!

Yes, Of Course: Being a raging party animal doesn’t necessarily mean you can’t be committed to something serious.  Drinking, smoking, cards and having a good time actually can fit in with a lady really well, as long as you work the game correctly.  If you’re out partying then you need to do yourself a huge favor and bring your girl with you.  Sex after drinking and partying can be a fun time.  If she’s with you, don’t fight, hang ten and you’ll be all good.  Keep her by your side and you won’t do anything stupid or embarrassing.  Also keep in mind that you don’t want to be the annoying couple at the party.  Now if you’re just out with your dudes, then keep her at home or let her go hang with her friends.  That way, nothing weird goes down.  You can be the party guy you want to be and stay committed to your girl.

No, You Idiot: This is the flip side of the argument here.  It’s practically impossible.  If you want to be the life of the party, then you’re probably drinking like a chief.  You can’t ace a keg and still be a good boyfriend or husband.  It’s not even worth trying.  When you decide to settle down with a nice woman, then you need to put your party days behind you—or at least tone them down a little bit.  You’re asking for problems by getting drunk with a girlfriend.  You’ll eventually end up cheating on her, and then you’ll be in a world of hell.  Cheating is the enemy of good relationships and drinking is the ultimate key to cheating.

Now you’ve got to ask yourself… where do I fall?  Under the yes category, or the no category.  Self control plays a big part in staying good in a relationship, so just exercise some control.  Can you be a party animal and still be in a relationship?  That’s up to you man!  I hope the best for you.


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