How To Handle A Jealous Girlfriend: Kill The Green Monster Early

Often times we find ourselves bitten by the jealousy monster; we get green with envy and we just can’t help it. The truth is, jealousy in a relationship is toxic. It’s good to know that your partner cares about you but in all reality, jealousy leads to fighting, ugliness, and most often times, a ruined relationship. If you’re wondering how to handle a jealous girlfriend, read on to find out how.

Catch it early- The best way to handle a jealous girlfriend is to cut it off in the beginning stages. If you’re a faithful guy and notice she is being a bit overbearing when it comes to you going out with friends or working with female co-workers, it’s time to stop it before it gets worse. In the start of your relationship you have the ability to stand your ground and let her know you won’t let her get away with being childish and dramatic. Tell her you hate jealousy and it makes you feel like you can’t be trusted when you’ve never done anything to make her think otherwise. Making her feel even guilty about being jealous will help her see she is being unreasonable.

Win the fight- In most cases the suggestion would be, try and compromise and the point of the fight with your girlfriend is never to have a winner and loser; however, when it comes to stopping crazy jealousy dead in its tracks, you need to win. Making sure she knows you won’t put up with that kind of behavior is crucial. The bottom line is, if she can’t get over her insecurities to begin with, you don’t want her sticking around. Your relationship will be drowned out by her envy of you and other girls, or you and your time at work, etc. Kill the behavior before it has a chance to grow.

Verbal reinforcement- Reminding your girlfriend how much you love her, how sexy she is, and why she is the best in the world is just another way to kill her jealousy bug. A woman who is constantly being praised will feel no need for a sense of insecurity. Making you girlfriend feel special and one of a kind can help her relax and realize you’re a great guy that only has eyes for her.

Finding out how to handle jealousy can be tricky but not impossible. The truth is, the right woman will get over this behavior if you simply don’t allow it, but you can spot trouble from a mile away. A girlfriend who is rude, demanding, and jealous to a point where it clearly won’t stop, just isn’t worth it. Move onto someone who is more secure and stable and ditch the over dramatic basket case before you get in over your head.


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