The Best Places For A Quickie: Places To Brag About

We’ve all done it before; you get that burning desire and you have to have each other right then and right there. You’re in public and can’t go straight home but you feel the need to have sex immediately and are willing to get naked anywhere to get it done.  But where are the best places to have a quickie? There are of course the practical places like bar bathrooms, alleyways, and the backseat of your SUV. However, there are the best places for a quickie that you need to experience. Here’s the few you need to add to your list.

#1 Mile-High Club- This is obviously on the list because of the sheer difficulty of it. Everyone wants to sound cool and say they are part of the Mile-High Club, but what does it really take? Well, try having sex in a space made for barely one person, sneaking two people in past the flight attendants, and making so little noise that no one even notices. This is a difficult task but once you do it, it can’t be undone. Earn major points by getting to tell friends you just got laid in the airplane bathroom.

#2 Car Wash- Admit it, you’ve considered this before. You always run your truck or car through the wash before you head out for a night on the town. It’s dark in there and takes a while to go through the whole process, why not screw? Well, that’s a good question; why not? Quickly lean yours or her seat back and get the quickie done before you go through the dryer. Adding this fun quickie to your list will be a time you won’t forget.

#3 Elevator- Listen, even Steven Tyler said it himself “Love in an elevator, livin’ it up as I’m goin’ down”. If Aerosmith endorses this one of a kind quickie, we do too. You might have to be up a few flights with no interruptions to get the job done but we believe in you.

#4 Office Desk- Work blows bad enough without her blowing too. Make some good memories in the office by having her stop in after hours when you’re “working overtime” and have a quickie on your office desk or comfy work chair. The images of her naked in your work space may ease the boredom of the day to day from then on out. Just do us a favor and don’t get caught.

The best places to have a quickie will also make great stories, but that doesn’t mean you have to stop there. Find new and exciting ways to be with your girlfriend or wife and make memories that will last you both a lifetime.

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