Why Women Withhold Sex: The 3 Most Common Reasons

There are all sorts of nasty games we play as women and men; and not nasty in the good way. We play dirty, fight unfair, and try to come out the winner. No one ends up really winning in these situations but we all like to think we do. Things like silent treatments, trying to make the other jealous, and bringing up past behaviors and mistakes are just a few examples, but women withholding sex is probably the most common and the most brutal. You may not even know why women withhold sex at times and find yourself curious as to what you did wrong or why she is so upset. Here are some reasons women withhold sex from you.

1. The most common reason women withhold sex from men is because they are pissed off at you. You may have had a fight; you may not have. The main thing she wants to get from this is to simply see you suffer for a while. You don’t necessarily even need to do anything to make it better, time will heal all wounds. She is most likely just watching you squirm and waiting for an apology that you’ve most likely given her eight times already. Say sorry again for good measure and get it over with.

2. Another reason females use their powers against you, is to watch you beg. This is more about them than you. If they are feeling insecure or needing a reminder of how much you need, want, and desire them, they will withhold sex just to watch you plead for more. I know it sounds ridiculous but it’s true. Just as a male may try and make his woman jealous by talking to an old flame or flirting with the hot bartender, a woman will withhold the one thing she knows you want most just to hear you say how much you want it. Tell her how much you need her to open up again (literally and figuratively) and she’ll break before you know it.

3. One of the last most common reasons women use sex for evil and not good is when they are trying to get something from you. When an argument has left a compromise of some sort hanging in the balance, here is where her superpower works best. Whether it’s her wanting you to not go on your golfing trip the upcoming weekend, or something as serious as wedding issues, she will do whatever it takes to keep sex from you until you give in. Your best option here is just to find some common ground you can live with because she can wait a long time and well… you can’t.

So unfortunately the reasons why women withhold sex are countless and you never really know for sure. Your best bet is ask what is going on and not get accusatory. Tell her you miss her and that you want to make things better so you can be with her again. She’ll appreciate your kindness and you’ll be hittin’ it again in no time!

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