How to be Cool

Acting cool and being cool are two different things. Many guys walk around with their puffed up chests sporting the best clothes, cars and electronics but they are the farthest thing from cool. Then there is the unassuming, laid back, easygoing, open-minded man who simply exudes coolness without any attempt whatsoever. The recipe on how to be cool takes self perception. Here are a few pointers to decide whether you are cool, can be cool or will continue to be an uninformed, un-cool person that smells.

Look in the Mirror

Knowing how to physically present yourself is half the battle of being cool. Make sure you are well groomed (even if you are going for a grunge look). Use deodorant, wash your clothes, clean your body, keep your teeth white, and do not wear an out of date, ill fitting wardrobe.

Own Cool

If things like your cell phone, your dog or your car are more important to you than connecting with people you will be perceived as a self-indulgent, un-cool dick. When you walk in a room, walk as though you own the place displaying confidence, perfect posture and locking into as many sets of eyes as you can.

Keep it Intellectual

Whatever you are an expert at is what you should talk about most. Men that exude an intellectual confidence are cool men that intrigue many women.

Equal Playing Field

You may make a million per year or much less, either way whoever you run into is a fellow human being. If you want to keep your ‘cool meter’ polished, a CEO and a janitor should be given the same respect.

Stay Tight

It is hard to be a fat fuck and still be cool. Staying fit will lock in the whole package of coolness causing many beer gut buddies to follow suit or remain fat and jealous.

Watch your Words

Anyone that incessantly curses or spews a know-it-all attitude is like kryptonite to cool. Speak with confidence, intellect and most of all an open mind.

Display Action

The term, ‘action is louder than words’ rings especially true for maintaining an heir of coolness. If you can throw a ball farther than anyone then do it, if you are a killer chess player, do it. Whatever you can display in action rather than words will prove you are cool and many will revere your talents.

Do Not Fight but Learn Self-Defense

Most women disdain violence so do not be the big-balled jealous idiot who always starts a fight in public. Remain calm if disrespected. Use clever comments to put down your opponent then walk away with your head high and your woman feeling proud of your stand-up quality. However, if you are physically attacked, use some cool self-defense and make your woman moist.

Not everyone knows how to be cool however if you follow this advice you will be dating a stripper or dressing like a metrosexual before you know it.


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