Spanking: Learn How to do the Slap and Tickle

Spanking your woman can be an erotic extravaganza, opening doors to her inner psyche that may unleash a barrage of feelings. It is not simply slapping her ass and hearing her moan, it takes skill and creativity that will surely make you stand out from the last guy that thought he was turning her on as she quietly winced in uncomfortable pain. Learn how to do the slap and tickle and she will be begging for it every time.

Opening Up the Spanking Door

Most women will not be asked to be spanked. It is something that just has to happen and if it happens the wrong way there will be no more spanking, ever. If it is done the right way she will get moist just thinking about it when you are not around. As you go through the usual routine of foreplay sucking, slurping and sliding you will want to prime her ass by giving her cheeks lots of attention. Kiss them, massage them and nibble on them so her derriere nerve endings are firing on all cylinders. Then, when she least expects it give that booty a gentle slap-tap. Keep your hand closed and cupped as you land your blow. The area to begin with would be closer to her crack than her thigh because the area near the thigh is more sensitive and apt to sting. If she screams at you like a lunatic after your gentle tap, she most likely is not a good candidate. However, if she is primed and ready she just may stick her ass in the air and beg for more.

Types of Ass Spanking

Every ass is different. A tight round back will rebound your hand as if you hit a trampoline. These asses can take some serious punishment. Other asses may be a little jiggly and need to be stretched by your other hand to get the most out of your spank.

The Slap and Tickle

After you have broken her spanking cherry it is time for the slap and tickle. This can be done in any position however you must have access to her clitoris and her ass all at once. The best way is the doggy-style way. Get behind her and start your cock thrusting. Then reach back and land a few slaps on the fleshy part of her ass. After a particularly hard slap quickly reach around and tickle her clit. If you can maneuver yourself where you are fucking, spanking and manipulating her clit she will most likely pass out after her third orgasm.

Spanking Toys

Visit a sex store online or in person. Choose many spanking toys including riding crops, paddles and whips. These toys can really send shock waves through her body.

Spanking is an erotic addition that can really spice up your sex life. So what are you waiting for? Throw her over your knee and tell her she’s been a bad girl.


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