Mental Affair: Have You Already Left Your Relationship In Your Mind?

Whether you are dating a few short months or married for many years there may come a time when you begin to have a mental affair. A mental affair is when you begin to send out signals to those you may be attracted to so they will reciprocate. You may not have any intention of going beyond some innocent flirting however the signals can be deep and dangerous priming your attraction for a possible rendezvous down the line.

Flirt Goes Further

Maybe there is a gorgeous, young beauty that flashes you a ‘come hither’ smile whenever you run into her on the elevator. Maybe a MILF neighbor constantly remarks on your physique and good looks. If your significant other is not raising your boner meter anymore, accepting and encouraging these flirtatious advances is the beginning of your mental affair.

The Ace in the Hole

A mental affair can be used as an ‘ace-in-the-hole’ tactic. By continually communicating with an admirer it may create a fail safe jumping off point if things go sour with your partner. It can also comfort you during rough relationship challenges knowing that your innocent, yet escapist tryst will be waiting for you when you go back to your daily routine.

A Dangerous Game

As flattering as it may be, continuing a relationship based on petty flirting to feed your mental affair can lead to more serious ramifications. It could give the wrong signals such as hope for the other person of dating or simply sleeping with you; falsely convincing yourself that this is someone that will make your life happier; or divulging personal information about your relationship to a stranger that may jeopardize your life.

How Far can a Mental Affair Go?

There are three scenarios that a mental affair can manifest.

1. It Fizzles – It could be a few weeks to several years of maintaining an attraction but eventually things may go well in your relationship or you might move on and your mental affair fizzles into spank bank memory.

2. You Dive In – One day, one thing leads to another and you find yourself lip locked and finger jamming up against the water cooler. It will get messy after that especially if the admirer gets nutty and starts calling your home.

3. You Give it a Go – The girlfriend or the wife gets the boot and you rebound into your mental affair’s arms. You leave a path of emotional destruction to hopefully heal with someone you have been sharing your life with in small doses (only to find out that she is loaded with annoying baggage too).

A mental affair can put a little spring back into your step. It is like an emotional gift that charges up your brain and your loins. Being desired by a complete stranger is everything you make it in your mind, until reality rears its ugly head.


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