Give Her What She Wants In The Bedroom

Foreplay is not what every man wants to hear when it comes to sex. However, if you can give her what she wants in the bedroom, you can use this to your advantage. Men are visual creatures, but women enjoy the romantic elements of sex. It’s very rare a woman will ask you to fuck her doggy after a passionate kiss, but some women love quickies. The majority of women enjoy a generous amount of foreplay before intercourse. She may be shy to disclose her needs in the bedroom, which is why you should ask her open questions. Firstly, start off with a gentle massage to turn her sexually aroused.

Try Communication

It’s true, there is much difference between the male and female species, but the exchange of sex is such a splendid gift to share. It’s not always possible to read a partner’s mind, which is why communication is probably the first level you should both work toward. Without this there is no way you can learn about each others likes and dislikes. There is always the fear of sharing a fantasy with a partner, especially if it’s different, but good sex is about sharing, trust, and communication. Why not open up to her about a fantasy, note her response, then ask her about her fantasy and go from there.

A Foreplay Tip From A Female

Hair massage is one way to turn her into is a sexual mush. Something about a scalp or hair massage, and its ability to immediately relax the body and mind, is a fabulous foreplay move to try. Perhaps she enjoys your nails running up and down her back, arms, feet, or belly. Note her body language when you try a new foreplay move. Look for moans, bodily wriggles, and a deep contented sigh. If you have hit on a foreplay move she loves, it is unlikely she will request you to stop. Make her want it, but also state that you want her to satisfy you in return. In most cases, you will not have to ask.

I melt to mush over a scalp and bum massage. When my boyfriend starts to massage those areas, there is no stop switch in my brain. He’ll do it until his arms ache, but then I grow wild and ply him with pleasure as gratitude for my trip into heaven. Foreplay doesn’t have to be a chore, especially not if it arouses her and makes her want to satisfy you as a beautiful exchange of love. Give her what she wants in the bedroom and look forward to a heavenly orgasm. Giving pleasure is always worth the reward, whatever that may be.

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