The Path To Real Love

Life is one big stress after another. You may listen to others because you want to view yourself as worthy, but you are special. You are needed. You are loved. There is no one step on the path to real love. You have to follow your heart. In fact, refusing to follow your gut instinct could lead to misery, and this can then lead to self-destruction in other areas of your life. Some men may even start to blame or resent others if a relationship does not take shape, but refuse to let it reach that stage. Stop trying to get others to accept you. Be different and stand out from the rest.

Break Away From The Norm

If it is your choice to Internet date, forget what anyone else thinks. Do your thing. This is your happiness at stake. Unfortunately, it’s not easy to go out dancing and develop a long-term relationship. This seldom occurs for many couples. The path to real love comes when you can follow your heart, away from the usual desires set by society. It’s okay to enjoy yourself socially with your friends, but if you are searching for love, why not look elsewhere? Do you want to meet an interesting girl, or would you rather have a trophy bird on your arm, as it looks impressive to your friends? Forget the impressions. You must find happiness with this girl, and would you be happy to wait around while she takes two hours to pretty her hair? Looks last only a certain period. Search for a woman with a good heart, a woman who makes you feel good. Dating someone based on just looks is shallow, and the only person you are disappointing is yourself over the long term.

Seek True Friendships

True friends do not judge, they accept your choice of partner. They encourage you to go with your heart. The people you need to steer clear of encourage you to have shallow relationships that create only a deep yearning for true love, and the longer you continue with this path, the harder it is to find the path to real love. What is so wrong with dating an average woman with a beautiful heart compared to a stunning woman with a selfish heart? True beauty comes from within. Always. The path to true love is not always clear. Sometimes you may need to date many women before you realize you are searching for love in all the wrong places.


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