When Your Hard On Disappears Do Not Despair

During my recent trip to Canada, I took my friend out for pizza and he was asking me about the rubber vaginas that you stick your cock into. He had lost his sex drive since giving up alcohol, plus he has a stressful move coming up days ahead. Maybe rubber vaginas can help against premature ejaculation, but I am sure it feels nothing like the real thing. He eats raw Maca powder every day, as it is a fantastic aphrodisiac, but now its “magic” had suddenly disappeared, and he was in a funk. So when your hard on disappears don’t despair, but trust that the body knows what it’s doing.

Like most people, I have on and off days and do not always feel sexual, and this could be due to fatigue or stress. Life is not always pleasant to the folks who keep the world running, and this panic can over dominate the mind when the sexual anatomy does not seem to be working as it should.

However, do not despair. Do you ever wonder if this is a test of your faith? Obviously, when the mind and body is feeling joyous, it is easier to feel sexy and over enthusiastic about an orgasm, but the opposite is true. Sometimes, it is easy to create a panic in the mind, especially if you have had a lot to handle in your personal life, and at work. The mind and body cannot heal instantly, which is why there are a huge number of sexual aids to help you along the way. If the mind is not feeling sexy, it is doubtful the anatomy will be able to recreate arousal. Perhaps sexual enhancement products can create a change in anatomy, but can it create the much-wanted change to the brain? The mind is the creator of arousal, and nothing else can match this magnificent feat!

A week later, my friend had moved to another apartment and reported that his sex drive was now back to normal. From what he told me, he was growing obsessed with taking penis enhancement pills and rubber vaginas, but I told him that his body was detoxifying from alcohol and to remain faithful that his body was healing. He had drunk alcohol for many long years and stopped without withdrawal. This created a massive change in his body, and affected his sex drive. If your hard on disappears, don’t despair. There is always a reason, whether this stems from stress, work, or detoxification. Trust that the body knows what it is doing and your sexual arousal will return.

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