Don’t Let Alcohol Kill Your Buzz This Summer: How To Drink In The Heat

There is no doubt that with Memorial Day already over with, you’re on the way to a summer of partying and drinking with friends and family. Enjoying the sun, water, boats, beaches, and more with a drink in hand is a favorite past time of yours. But why do you feel so worn down lately? Well, alcohol can definitely hinder you having a good time. Especially in the heat and especially as you get a little older. You may not be able to drink out in the sun like you did when you were twenty or drink all day long like you have in years past. We know you still want to get a good buzz going and enjoy your favorite alcoholic beverages, so here are some tips for making the feeling last this summer.

Ditch heavy liquors or dark beers. Drinking dark beers or even a regular Budweiser this summer will taste good right away if you’re a fan, but over the course of a few hours out in the heat, you’ll be left feeling bogged down and full. Not only will these beers slow you down but you will feel so full of them that you won’t be able to enjoy the delicious BBQ you have been waiting to eat all day. The summer heat will also make the beers go bad quickly, forcing you to drink them faster and be drunk before anyone else.

The Fix: LIGHT BEER; especially summer seasonal brews

Watch the Sugar. Just like dark beers slowing you down and filling you up, mixed drinks with too much sugar will do the same. Watch out for too many margaritas, sangrias, or hard lemonade drinks. They’ll taste good at first like a drink of freshly squeezed lemonade and put you in the summer mood but the sugar in your blood stream will not mix well with the heat on your body. You could even get sleepy and nauseous before the day really even begins.

The Fix: Gin & Tonic, Tequila Sunrise, or light mixes of gin, vodka, or other light liquor mixed with a bubbly soda. No dark sodas.

In addition to drinking the right things you need to DO the right things. Take it slowly. You have all day to drink your alcohol so space them wisely. Don’t try to get drunk first then let it last all day; instead start slowly and let the buzz catch you in the afternoon or evening. Drinking water in-between every drink or two can help you fight falling out first. Water keeps you hydrated while the liquor and beer is trying to dry you out. It will help you feel fresh and like we said, stay hydrated; that’s the most important thing. Also, eating food throughout the day will fight you getting drunk too fast and needing to crash or pass out. Take a break from your beer while you eat and enjoy the food without it. Pick up the drink again a little after the food digests.

Following these tips will help you stay fresh and lively all summer long while still getting the buzz you need and want to enjoy it. Keep it light, drink water, and be sure to eat! Avoid dark beers, heavy liquors, and sugary drinks and you’ll be living the life without being the first of your buddies to pass out every night.


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