First Date Disasters: What NOT To Do On The First Date

You finally asked her out, and she said yes. The weekend is fast approaching and whether you’re confident or a nervous wreck, you need to be sure you know what NOT to do on the first date. Messing up on date number one can not only HINDER your chances of a second date but stop them dead in their tracks. And more importantly, you won’t be getting any at the end of the night. Here are some vital things to NOT do one your first date.

Show Up Late. I don’t care if your car catches on fire and you have to RUN there, do NOT show up late to pick her up. Her annoyance as you go every SECOND past your date time will earn you a big fat zero before you even arrive. There is no coming back from being late, the damage is already done.

Ask Her To Meet You. Don’t be juvenile and ask her to meet you at the destination of your date. Meeting in public and not at her place will make it feel like a friendship more than a date. She’ll have to drive herself, and you won’t get that alone time in the car you need to begin conversing with her.

Movies And Dinner Dates. We all know that movies as a first date suck. They are for kids in high school who are too scared to talk to each other and just want to hold hands. So skip it. Also, taking her to dinner may seem like the standard great first date, but it’s not. It is boring and predicable. It isn’t romantic or refreshing; it shows no effort on your part. How many women have you taken to dinner? Exactly…a ton. Don’t force her to go to her friends and report “Oh, we went to dinner, it was ‘nice’.” Make her say, “Oh my God! You’ll never believe where he took me!” Make her feel special by planning a unique date. Bring her to the beach and make a picnic or take her to the amusement park if she’s a thrill seeker. Think outside the box and be rewarded.

Talk Too Much. The first date is a great way for you to show your listening skills. Women like to talk about themselves and let you know who they are. Don’t completely shut down though, sharing important information she asks for is okay but don’t overdo it. Be subtle and always bring the conversation back to her.

Lean In Too Soon. Even if the connection feels strong and you’re in a romantic setting, wait for the kiss until the end of the date (if even then appropriate). Leaving a woman wanting more and wondering why you didn’t lean in sooner is way better than doing it too soon and killing the suspense. Having her be anxious for the next date to see if you’ll make your move will make the chances OF the second date a lot stronger!

Now that you know what NOT to do on a first date, you can start getting excited! Be yourself and be chivalrous. Open doors, say how beautiful she looks, pull out her chair, and cater to her needs. This is your chance to shine and show how great of a guy you can be. It’s easy if you just act like a real man.


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