What to Do When Your Woman is a Flirt?

She batted those eyelashes and flashed those pearly whites and you took the bait: hook, line and sinker. Well ‘sink-her’ is what you may feel like doing now that you realize what she is. However, she fucks like no other and you may be in love, but how do you know what to do when your woman is a flirt?

Tell-Tale Flirting Signs

It really is a no-brainer due to the fact that you fell for it, but being under her spell may have turned you into a love struck idiot. Here are some tell-tale signs to determine if your woman is a flirt.

• When she is amongst other men she tosses her hair and bats her eyes a lot.

• She is more concerned with hanging out with men than other women.

• When a man brings up sex she talks about it without any inhibitions.

• She constantly wears revealing clothing that borderline inappropriate.

• She smiles at every guy she can.

• She displays oral signs such as touching her lips or overtly sipping from a straw.

• She touches other men while talking to them.

• She talks very close to other men.

Approach it Head On

If you really think she is a flirt and you are not just a possessive dick, then you can handle it a few different ways. One way is full disclosure. Call her on her behavior and ask her why she thinks she needs validation from other men. What you may hear may surprise and even insult you, so be ready.

Make Up for It

One reason women overly flirt is because their attention meter is low. Try turning up your attention to her a notch or two and see how she responds. Use kind, positive, flattering words toward her in texts or conversations; build up her self-confidence by encouraging her interests; listen to her when she speaks without doing anything else at the same time; and try harder in bed by making sure you make her cum.

Inappropriate Flirting

If you are basically becoming her unwilling cuckold then you may want to put your foot down or just end the relationship altogether. Inappropriate flirting entails calling or hanging out with other men without your knowledge; divulging to other men intimate knowledge that only the two of you should be privy to; or putting you down in front of other men.

Most flirting is innocent, however it can also be very damaging to a relationship especially if it manifests after a long period together. This can be a brazen display of unhappiness. Either way, what to do when your woman is a flirt is up to you. You can sit back and enjoy her flirting knowing she is going home with you or you can set her free to drive another guy out of his mind.



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