Subway Diet- Does It Really Work?

subwayistock_000006045220xsmallWhat once may have been thought of as quite unconventional in terms of diet or eating healthy, a new weight loss method has quickly hit the country by storm…and it’s working! The Subway Diet sounds almost ironic since when we think of Subway, we think of fast food. But thanks to an everyday average Joe by the name of Jared Fogle who took it upon himself to try to lose the excess weight he had packed on over the years by using Subway as his main source, Subway has gained notoriety for not just having delicious sandwiches but healthy ones as well. Jared has become a household name and still maintains his weight by participating in this diet today!

It is said that by replacing 2 meals a day with Subway sandwiches, anyone can have the same desired effect that Jared promotes. Subway offers eight sandwiches all under 6 grams of fat, often referred to as “Eight Under Six”. By eating a sandwich in place of what you would normally eat for 2 meals a day, the sandwiches, because of their low fat content can speed up the weight loss process and has been known to have amazing effects, especially for those who stick with the diet plan. Of course it is suggested that the meal that is NOT replaced by a Subway sandwich should be chosen with care in that it should be a well balanced and healthy one.

In addition to the Subway sandwiches replacing two meals a day, Jared did incorporate walking as his method of exercise in order to speed the effects of the diet along. At the height of his weight, Jared Fogle was a junior in college and weighed 425 pounds. After deciding he’d had enough of his weight and also of not feeling healthy, Jared turned to a Subway sandwich shop that was located next door to his apartment and ordered two sandwiches a day that contained less than 6 grams of fat. In doing so, he went from consuming 10,000 calories a day down to 900. After a few months had passed and some of the weight came off, Jared decided to purchase his sandwiches from a Subway shop a little further from home, and he’d walk to it. After a full year of walking to Subway and ordering 2 sandwiches every day, both of them less than 6 grams of fat, Jared’s weight dropped to 180- he had lost 245 pounds in a year!

Many would categorize the Subway Diet as one of those “crazy” diets that work, but the point is, it DOES work, and Jared is the proof! After seeing a friend he had not seen in over a year, the friend did not recognize Jared and was stunned to find out how Jared had lost the weight. The friend worked in marketing, brought the diet to the attention of a Subway chain owner who then took it one step further- promotion. It was obvious Jared had discovered something wonderful. Thanks to Jared’s dedication and Subway’s healthy sandwiches, people all over the nation are losing weight and not starving themselves to do it! The nation is appreciative of the fact that Jared did not keep this information to himself so everyone could benefit from it! And we’re thankful to Subway for making it possible!

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