How to Have Sex with an Amputee

You scrub yourself clean, throw on your best outfit, grab some buds and head out on the prowl. After a few drinks and even a few more bars you finally end up locked into a deep conversation with one of the hottest women you have ever had the good fortune of knowing. The connection is amazing and all you want to do is make out with this beauty. When she agrees to go someplace a little quieter, you cannot believe your ears. As you get up to head out you notice she has a slight limp. This one does not go horizontal on the first try and it is only after a few more dates that you finally get to get naked. As you both undress and your appendage is throbbing she turns around and without warning, removes her left appendage below the knee. As your eyes widen, and a scream begins to rise in your throat, you have two choices: bolt or figure out how to have sex with an amputee.

Full Disclosure

It is rare that an amputee will spring her condition upon you without warning. However, if she does you should be ready. Connecting with someone in a world of anonymous sex can be a rare find and if an arm or leg is missing, she just might be worth it. However, if you have an inkling of such an affliction beforehand, be sure to get such information up front so there are no surprises.

Stay Open Minded

For a woman who has endured a physical challenge such as an amputation, you will have the privilege of knowing someone who sees the world through a different lens. This is a person that understands sacrifice, struggle and has an overall appreciation for life. Having sex with an amputee can also create an experience beyond the affected, entitled lot of high maintenance pussy out there and instead offer a complete, enlightened understanding of what it is like to be with a real person.

The Physical

Discussing her amputation is an important step before getting your sexy on. Many amputees have specific needs or sensitivities that should be figured out so it is a comfortable experience. Such things as not being able to put both legs over her head or being able to prop herself up on all-fours should be considered. However, there are advantages such as easy access from the side when one leg is missing or telling her to keep her prosthetic on so she feels more comfortable.

Learning how to have sex with an amputee is not as difficult as it may seem. It just takes some patience and compassion to get beyond your own insecurities. Remember, she has most likely come to terms with her affliction and is finally comfortable with her body. It really is no different than sex with anyone else although you might be able to come up with some new and exciting sex positions.


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