TV Comedies to Watch This Summer

So maybe your favorite digs are closing shop for the summer because their season is done.  If you’re a geek for Parks and Rec, The Office, Community, or 30 Rock this is definitely a rough patch for you.  What’s your game plan for the summer?  If you don’t have one, then let me lay a few options out for you.  There’s a few keepers in here as far as TV comedies to watch this summer goes.

1) Louie: This critically acclaimed comedy/poignant drama is the brainchild and effort of Louis CK who serves as the director, star and lone writer.  He teamed up with Woody Allen editor Susan Morse to work on the third season, so there are promising episodes in store.  Watch the premier on FX on June 28th.

2) Wilfred: While you’re there on FX, take a look at the show Wilfred.  Elijah Wood plays a character who can talk to his next door neighbor’s dog Wilfred.  Unfortunately he sees this dog as an Australian man in a dog suit.  This will be the second season of the import from Australian, and it’s very funny.  Check it out the same night that Louie premiers.

3) Veep: This show is on Sunday’s on HBO.  It’s hilarious.  It stars Julia Louise Dryfus as the Vice-President of the United States.  It’s the brainchild of English genius Armando Iaunnuci who brought this brand of comedy to HBO from his previous two efforts on the BBC.  The supporting cast is fantastic and the writing is brilliant.  It exploits the fact that the VP doesn’t necessarily have a ton of power in DC.  It’s great.

4) The Eric Andre Show: Check this out on Sunday’s on Adult Swim.  This weird/public access talk show stars Eric Andre from Don’t Trust the B in Apt 23.  It also stars up and comer Hannibal Burress who previously wrote for 30 Rock and recently premiered a hilarious hour long stand up with Comedy Central.  It’s strange, but hilarious.

5) Girls: EVERYONE has been discussing Lena Dunham’s new television show and follow up to Netflix favorite Tiny Furniture.  Give it a shot and see what you think.  Try to ignore the whitewash of privileged people.

Hell, if that doesn’t keep you busy, then I don’t know what will.  You’ve got a lot of options, so just try them out and see how it goes.  Those are, by all means, the TV Comedies to watch this summer.


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