Manly Hobbies

Men aren’t men unless they are well rounded.  It’s one of the key pillars of manliness.  So we’ve got the obvious ones out of the way: family life, a career, friendship and so on.  Which leaves us with what?  Hobbies, man, hobbies!  You need to have something that you do that’s an outlet for whatever you need an outlet for.  It’s really crucial to being a complete person.  Without at least some fun hobby, you’ll have an unbalanced life.  So hop it on.

Now, we’ve got a few different categories to jump into here.  As we are, in fact, men, we should probably start with the most important and obvious one: sports. If you don’t already play sports, what the hell is wrong with you?  If you’re in a rut, however, maybe it’s time to start a new one.  It’s never a bad time to pick up golf, or bowling which are tame, fun and age appropriate sports for anyone.  If you’re a little ballsier, get nuts with it!  Start street luging, or skydiving. You’re a tough dude, you can handle it.

But, sports aren’t for everyone.  Maybe you should try some kind of art. There are many different facets of art, so you have a lot of choices.  Maybe you could snag up a guitar and finally get around to learning.  Start up a punk rock band!  Or maybe you’d be more suited to start drawing or painting.  If you keep throwing them at the wall, I promise, eventually something will stick.  It’s inevitable.

Say that art or sports aren’t for you.  There are other, in between, type of hobbies that you can try out.  I suppose hunting is a sport, even if it doesn’t fit the stereotypical mold for sport activities—that goes for fishing as well.  Maybe you could pick up a craft along the lines of woodworking to try out?  I’m sure you’ll find one that fits you.  They’re all very fun.

Finally, if nothing else works, you can always pick up drinking. It can get sour though, so don’t tell us we didn’t warn you!

So what are you waiting for man?  If you’re a no hobby guy, you need to get out right now and find yourself a pastime.  Go play a game of pick up baseball somewhere and grab some brews after the game!  You’ll thank yourself in the long run after you try out these manly hobbies.


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