6 Polo Shirt Brands Worth Buying

The polo shirt is one of the most versatile items in a dude’s closet.  It’s between formal and informal, works with a suit or a pair shorts.  Shit, these are your dream digs.  But everyone knows this—it’s one of the simple facts of life.  So why bring this up?  Well because summer is on the loom and you probably need some new shirts, then I think it is fitting to give you a few polo shirt brands that are worth buying.  Though these are probably a little pricey for a single shirt—think of it as an investment in looking extremely good!  That would ease a little bit of the guilt of dropping some cash on some dope polos.

1) Lacoste—Already, we’ve got a great place to begin here.  Lacoste is a respected brand and a recognizable logo that you could invest a few dollars into.  For around $80 you can snag up a fine looking tipped polo here that would last you a long, long time.  The material is good and the fit is fantastic.  Go for something cool and interesting like purple.  Rene Lacoste basically invented the polo shirt, so you won’t be making a bad bet here.

2) Fred Perry—Probably the biggest competition to Lacoste during his lifetime, Fred Perry also offers really interesting polos as he was also a tennis player interested in the tennis shirt.  Expensive, but not unreasonable, so I highly recommend them.

3) Sunspel—Now here’s some badass stuff here.  The blue Sunspel was featured on James Bond himself in several of the beach scenes.  These are fantastic shirts for about $100.  Grab up the blue one and get your Bond on.

4) Boast—Basically the cool part of this shirt is that the logo is essentially a little pot leaf.  For stoners out there, wear it loud and proud.  For everyone else—eh, maybe.

5)Band of Outsiders—Grab up this bad boy if you want to look like Dave Franco on the cover of GQ.  They feature some cool, minimalist patterns.  Rep it and watch the ladies look your way.

6) Prada—The coup de grace of polo shirts.  Might be out of your price range, but shit, it’s Prada after all.  That’s some next level classy shirt game right there.

So grab up a few polos before summer ends.  You’ll look classy and cool for the entire year, I promise.  These are only six polo shirt brands worth buying.  There are definitely more out there if you search.


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