Do Women Really Care About Your Money?: The Extremes and the In-Betweens

The age old question surrounding women and money isn’t one that is easily settled even today. When it comes to women and men’s money there is no definitive answer, and never will be. Just like most everything else we discuss, women are split on the subject and have various viewpoints about the answer. Two groups of women are one extreme to the other while the majority of women fall in the ‘in-between’ slot. There are three basic categories women fall into when it comes to the burning question: Do women really care about your money?

1. Gold Diggers. This extreme category is well known and well ran from. Most normal men try to avoid being a sugar daddy for a greedy and selfish female. To try and spot these women you need to look for certain things. Does she look high maintenance? Is she too ‘well-kept’ for not having a job? Does she rock designer labels, fake nails, and a fake tan? If a woman seems to be into her appearance too much it is probably a good tip off that she’s looking for someone to support that habit. Steer clear and move on to the next chick. Gold Diggers have feelings too, sure, but the main thing they look for is a man who makes a ton of money and is willing to give it all away while they do nothing in return. Sounds like a bad deal for you all around.

2. I Am Woman… Hear Me Roar. These women are the polar opposite of a Gold Digger. They are the feminist women of today that do not want a man’s hard earned dollar for themselves and in fact, would rather be the one racking in the dough. These are the women who will never be a stay-at-home-mom, who will never have 8 babies with you, and will never want you to support them. Sure, they will still want you to be a hard worker at home or at your work place but they’d rather contribute and try to out-do you. These women love making money, working hard, and standing on their own two feet. Every woman still shies away from a lazy man but she definitely won’t care if you want to stay home with your unborn children.

3. Provide And Be A Good Man. Here we have the in-betweeners or the ‘norms’. This group of women just want what we mostly all do: A Man’s Man. We aren’t looking for a doctor or a well-to-do lawyer in the Hamptons but we do want some stability. Most women just look for a blue collar guy who works hard, brings home the bread, and doesn’t complain about it. Whether these women work or stay at home, they just want what the general population of women is seeking; happiness and peace of mind. Knowing you do all you can to provide for them and give the best life possible is the most important thing to most of us. The amount of money doesn’t matter but your work ethics and attitude do.

So, do women really care about your money? The answer is yes. Whether it’s taking all of it, making more than you, or ensuring a stable income for a family, women do worry and think about your financial credibility. As long as you aren’t lazy, jobless, and unmotivated; you should be fine. Ditch the Gold Diggers, steer clear of the ‘I can do it myself’ ladies, and find a woman who expects what should be expected; a man who is willing to pay his dues and reap the rewards.

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