Women and Sports: Get Her Into Sports Or Off Your Back!

Tis the season… for sports that is. Hockey play-offs, NBA play-offs, baseball, golf, and so many other various sports that you just want to watch, or be a part of during the spring and summer months. But what if you have a nagging girlfriend or wifey who makes the simple joys in life a pain in the ass? Well, women and sports don’t always mix but there are ways to either get her into sports or off your back. Here’s how.

Teach her. If you want your significant other to join you in the pleasures of your favorite sport, then she needs to know more about it. Chances are if a woman hates something, its lack of knowledge. Ask yourself (or her), Does she know the rules? Does she know the POINT of the game? Does she know how to play? Does she know the players? Does she know WHY I LOVE IT SO MUCH? Helping your girlfriend understand the sport and see why you like it can be extremely helpful. If you’re into baseball, bring her to a live game or even take her to the batting cages. Seeing you in action and making her feel like she’s a part of it will make her want to share that with you more often and get her into your hobbies. Who knows, she may just let you buy season tickets for the two of you.

Give Then Take. Listen, as much as you don’t want to hear this, it isn’t fair that guys use sports as a crutch. Nor is it okay that just because you ‘really love’ a sport, you use it as a free pass out of anything you don’t want to do. Saying, “the semi-finals are on babe, I can’t make the funeral; you know how it is,” just isn’t acceptable. You need to make her feel as though she has a say in these things and has her own little pleasures to indulge in. To be fair to her, if you are going to miss her best friend’s engagement party to go to the golf tournament three states away, then you need to give back. You can’t just expect her to understand time and time again and get nothing in return. Each time you miss a big event because of sports, get her off your back by letting her spend a day at the spa or have a lavish night with her girlfriends at her favorite club VIP. In all honesty, you know it is a fair trade after how much you get babied during your favorite sports season.

Whether you want her off your back or into sports, there are certain things you need to be willing to do. If you want her to join you THEN HELP HER. Show her first hand the joys of golf (how it’s relaxing), baseball (how it’s America’s favorite sport), or hockey (the raw energy and emotion of the game).  If you simply want her to stay the hell out of it, then for God sake be fair about it and let her do stuff on her own without giving her a hard time. Every good man will eventually learn compromise…especially for the sake of sports.

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